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Welcome to The Association of Laser Users

Helping you make the most of laser technology

What is AILU?

AILU is run by and for the UK laser community. Its membership extends over five continents and is made up of laser users in industry and academia as well as by manufacturers and suppliers of lasers and laser-related equipment and services. Our corporate members include many leading players in the UK laser materials community.

Formed in 1995 as a not-for-profit organization, the Association enjoys worldwide recognition for the practical advice it offers on technical and business matters related to laser applications in manufacturing. It is a leader in fostering co-operation and collaboration within the laser community, promoting best practice in industrial laser materials processing and allied technologies and supports the maintenance and improvement of standards for laser safety and performance.

For more information about AILU and membership benefits follow the About Us link or download a flyer (UK/EU or International). 

Click here to access the ILAS 2015 Proceedings from the SPIE Digital Library or buy a hard copy here



Click here to see the new "Improving Manufacturing Using Lasers" Video

Special Interest Groups

Job Shop
A business and technology group for subcontract laser-based engineering companies and indeed all users of lasers for profit. Click here for a list of Job Shops.

Market Development  
For suppliers of laser-related products and services, to address common concerns and expand the use of laser in manufacturing and to maintain the Design for Laser Manufacture website.

If you are looking for material for presentations, the DLM site is the place to go.

Power Beam Processing*
Launched 22 September 2015. For all involved in laser or electron beam processing; complimentary processes sharing similar issues.

For clinicians, researchers, engineers and equipment and service providers involved in the development, manufacture and use of equipment for medical and general biological application.

For engineers, scientists and equipment and service providers involved in the challenges of laser processing at the micro or nano level.

Products and Process Innovation (PPI)*
For reseachers involved in the development of laser-related technology and materials processing, to identify common needs and create the possibility of joint initiatives and activities with industrial laser users.

Additive Layer Manufacture*
For developers and end users of Additive Layer Manufacturing helping to develop the technology and provide networking opportunities and information about funding sources and competitions - in preparation

* FREE to join. Simply contact the AILU office through the online enquiry form.

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