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The European Laser Applications Network (ELAN) is a newly formed organisation for 'the promotion of laser technology in industrial sectors in Europe by co-operative actions'. We intend to keep ELAN a loosely structured network.

To aid communication between providers and users of laser technology we have set up a network of National ELAN Contact Points (ECPs) to provide the essential first point of contact for international enquiries. We also have a number of Regional or Specialist ECPs in each European country. There is no cost involved in joining the network.

If you would like to be an ELAN Contact Point you must be:

  • willing and able to provide impartial information.
  • active in laser technology transfer with good links to industrial laser users.
  • accessible by e-mail.

Then, e-mail giving your full name and address, telephone, fax and e-mail address plus, if you have one, the Web site address of your organisation. We will then contact you with further information. 


web: Laserayin Technika, email:

web: Vienna University of Technology, email:

web: VITO Materials Technology, email:

web: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet email:

web: The Danish Technological Institute email:

web: Club Laser et Procedes

web: IREPA Laser email:

web: WLT - German Scientific Laser Society email:

web: Institute of Applied Beam Technology(BIAS) email:

web: Fraunhofer Institut Werkstoff und Strahltechnik email:

web: IFSW, University of Stuttgart email:

web: Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V email:

web: Laser Innovation Center, LIC / FORTH email:

web: National Centre for Laser Applications email:

web: Politecnico Di Milano email:

web: University of Twente email:

web: Pollasnet - Polish Laser network



CETENASA - email:

web: Luleå University of Technology email:

United Kingdom
web: Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) email:

web: TWI Ltd email:

web: Liverpool University email:

UK News and Statistics (provided by AILU)

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