FTP Instructions for Presenters

Here are FTP instructions that may help upload presentations to the AILU FTP site prior to AILU Meetings

Using Internet Explorer (Ver 8) as a FTP client

Open Internet Explorer (IE)

Type in ftp://www.ailu.org.uk

A log - on window should open so enter the username and password

IE should then show the FTP root information

From the IE top right hand side menu click "Page" and from the drop down menu select "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer"

This opens Windows Explorer and you may have to enter the username and password again!

Windows Explorer should then open with the AILU server folder showing. You can now drag and drop your files into this folder from your other folders on your PC.

Close Explorer and IE when you have finished.

Using Firefox FTP

Firefox FTP is a free Add-on for Firefox. Download and install into Firefox following given instructions.

Open Firefox > Tools > FirefoxFTP - the FTP window will open.

Click Open a new account - the account window will open

Enter - Account name - any will do
Host - ftp.ailu.org.uk
Log-in – enter given Username
Password – enter given password

Click OK - window disappears and you should see your account name in the top lefthand corner of the FTP window

Click Connect

This should take you to your folder. Highlight the files to transfer and use the green arrows to copy them.

When complete click Disconnect

Other FTP Clients

Or you can use a FTP Client programme such as CoreFTP, CuteFTP, FielZilla, GoFTP etc.

Host - ftp.ailu.org.uk
Username - enter given Username
Password – enter given password

If you still have a problem, please contact AILU website Admin


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