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The Laser User Magazine

The Laser User, first published in 1995, is a quarterly publication. It has attracted the highest praise from the UK and international laser community, is distributed only to members and is generally regarded as one of the key benefits of membership. The Laser User addresses all general aspects of laser processing and machine technology; it is packed with useful information and stimulating discussion for both the novice and experienced user and aims to keep the reader up to date with developments and to provide a clear, balanced approach to the subject material, not favouring a particular supplier or technology. An extensive ‘expert comment’ section is provided to help broaden the scope of the technical articles and to present a balanced view of the material, It is widely circulated and well read within Corporate Member companies. It has a hard copy circulation of over 400, mainly to member and since 2010 as an electronic version with a growing on-line readership. The growing library of articles from past issues, fully categorised, is available for members to download.

AILU’s monthly e-newsletter provides a useful update on news, events, summaries of magazine articles, and notice of up and coming events. It enjoys a circulation (worldwide) of ~6000

Member Directories

Members have free entry to the individual and (for corporate members only) corporate members directories, providing a valuable reference source for member networking and including links with research organisations, suppliers and consultants.

Links with funding bodies

AILU is kept abreast of UK funding initiatives through its close links with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). At the European level, the Association is made aware of funding opportunities through its members active within in Photonics21 (the European Technology Platform for photonics) and its status as a supporting association of EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium).

AILU is among the largest and most active European laser materials processing associations, and thereby it can have a direct influence on funding bodies in the areas of laser technology and applications. The Association can also: Assist organisations find partners for collaborative projects in the area of laser materials processing; provide letters of support; and, during and at the end of a project, provide an important route for dissemination.


AILU members automatically qualify for access to the Technical Forum, through which they can pose technical or business questions to other members


Over-the-phone practical advice is offered on a wide range of subjects from safety to technical and business enquiries. And where there is an element of sensitivity, questions (sent in by telephone or email) can be forwarded to selected AILU members groups by the AILU office without divulging the name of the enquirer. By involving the whole membership in the consultancy activity, The enquirer is assured of practical advice.

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