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2003 - Colin Webb

Colin WebbThe AILU AWARD for 2003 went to Colin Webb FRS
Chairman and founder of Oxford Lasers.

The presentation was made by President Tim Weedon at the AILU ‘Laser Sources and Beam Delivery’ workshop at UMIST on 4 November 2003. However, Colin was not well at the time, so Martyn Knowles of Oxford Lasers received the Award on his behalf.

Martyn thanked Micrometric Techniques and Rofin, who between them had produced the award, and outlined Colin’s long career in lasers, spanning over 4 decades.

Letter from Colin Webb to AILU:

I want to thank the members of AILU for presenting me with the 2003 AILU award in the form of a very handsome example of laser sculpture. It was a great disappointment that ill health prevented me from coming to the AILU meeting on 4th November to receive it in person, and I am very grateful to Martyn Knowles for receiving the award on my behalf and delivering it safely to me. I would like to thank especially those who were involved in the design and fabrication of the trophy. It represents a truly magnificent example of the capability of laser techniques for high precision manufacture and engraving as well as the unique contribution they make to a new art form, stereographic gravure.

I feel very proud to be honoured by AILU in this way. The Association represents the UK’s forum for the community of those who use lasers to solve problems in real world engineering applications. I would like to think that together with my colleagues at Oxford Lasers Ltd we have made some contribution to this field.

AILU performs an essential function via its meetings and magazine in promoting best practice and informing its members of new developments in the field of laser applications. As part of the UKCPO, the umbrella organization which aims to bring together the wider community of the UK based Institutions and Societies engaged in Optics and Photonics research and applications, AILU plays and essential role in the UK Photonics community. I wish the members of AILU continued success in this valuable work.

Colin Webb - Oxford Lasers Ltd

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