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2007 - Malcolm Gower & Phil Rumsby

Malcom Gower & Phil Rumsby

The AILU AWARD for 2007
went to
Malcolm Gower and Phil Rumsby

during the 19 April Annual General meeting at the International Manufacturing Centre, University of Warwick.

In recognition of their pioneering work with Excimer laser processing and the successful development as founders of Exitech Ltd - a truly world class laser systems company.

The Award was established in 1997 to honour 'an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the industrial use of lasers in the UK' and takes the form of a laser engraved glass block mounted on an inscribed laser-cut metal base. Award winners also enjoy life membership of AILU.

Malcolm and Phil have been active in laser micromachining for nearly 20 years and their drive and enthusiasm has been a key factor in the expansion of the UK's capability in industrial micromachining applications and systems.

AILU President Tim Holt (left) presenting the Award to Tim Willford on behalf of Phil Rumsby AILU President Tim Holt (left) presenting the Award to Malcolm Gower
 AILU President Tim Holt (right) presenting the Award to Tim Wilford on behalf of Phil Rumsby AILU President Tim Holt (left) presenting the Award to 
Malcolm Gower


"They are highly deserving of this award and I feel we should not let the recent changes at Exitech mask what they have achieved for the UK in the use of lasers in industrial applications", said Nadeem Rizvi, MD of the UK Laser Micromachining Centre and one of the many AILU members who nominated the pair.

Under their stewardship, Exitech became a world-leader for high-specification industrial laser production tools and led the way in exporting this UK technology to Asia, in particular. Exitech has also been instrumental in numerous national projects, schemes and associations for many years, extending the reach of laser technology to a broad UK audience.

The award to Malcolm and Phil recognises the maturity and increasing importance of laser micromachining and microtechnology, both within AILU and the wider industrial community.

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