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2005 - Stuart Edwardson

Stuart Edwardson receiving his Prize

The Young UK Laser Engineer's Prize for 2005
went to
Stuart Edwardson

Stuart has worked on laser forming during his PhD and subsequent post-doctoral work at the laser group within the University of Liverpool, with support from BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.

AILU President Paul Hilton presented the prize, which comprised a laser-engraved plaque (generously made and donated by Fimark) and a cheque for £250.

On receiving the prize Stuart explained the process and how he saw the challenge of proving its reliability, repeatability, cost effectiveness and flexibility. “My work has been aimed primarily at increasing knowledge and understanding of the process, especially for effective closed loop control,” he said. “We are currently working on a system for repeatable closed loop control of laser forming using an iterative error-based method that compensates for the residual stress history of a component and process variability.” .

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