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Topic: Job Shop forum / Virtek vision system

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Posted: 26-01-2009 22:34 by Cirrus

Has anyone bought or used a Virtek QC 1200?

Any feedback on advantages, disadvantages, cost, up-time, accuracy would be appreciated.


Dave Connaway

Posted: 27-01-2009 08:59 by midtherm

We had one of these a while ago, originally through Bystronic. It worked fine, accuracy, ease of use etc.

We have now opted for the Planar from Inspecvision. Similar to look at, more versatile, but different technology, and a lot cheaper.

Posted: 27-01-2009 10:11 by Lpro

We also have a Planar. Excellent machine and excellent value. Less than half the price of some.

Posted: 27-01-2009 22:49 by Cirrus

I tested the Inspecvision equipment from the distributer up near Nottingham? Forgotten their name.

I have to say that I was unimpressed with the camera set-up, but has the technology improved over the past 2 years?

Dave Connaway

Posted: 02-02-2009 08:42 by midtherm

As far as I am aware the camera part of the machine is the same, but the saftware has changed considerably.

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