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Topic: Job Shop forum / Work Place Car Parking Levy

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Posted: 09-02-2009 16:38 by Lpro

I don't know how many of you are aware that the government has made it possible for local authorities to impose a charge for work place car parking. Nottingham council is on the verge of introducing such a charge and it is likely to be in the region of £185-350 per parking place (this is places available - not necessarily those in use). The British Chamber of Commerce is one of many organisations lobbying against it. Please be aware of this move and record your views when the opportunity arises. This is a stealth tax and we can do without it, especially at the moment.

Dave Lindsey - Laser Process

Posted: 09-02-2009 17:19 by midtherm

It never ends! We are looking at putting up another building. The local council want to charge a trip fund. That is; a fee for wear and tear on the local road infrastructure by deliveries, employee’s etc. It's charged at a rate per square foot. On a unit of about 10,000 square feet it works out at nearly £200,000. So the more yopu grow and employ the more you are taxed! 

Posted: 12-02-2009 22:45 by Cirrus

I wonder if the Banker's will get exemption?

Seems they have been let off the hook recently!

Or is that sour grapes on my part..........................

BTW, nice to see you at Southern manufacturing today David, shame you needed wellies and not your cossy!


Dave Connaway



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