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Topic: Job Shop forum / gas surcharges question

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Posted: 15-04-2009 16:41 by Lexpert

Hello everybody

We are supplied by air products - who are, like other gas suppliers - a bunch of pirates.

We signed a new supply agreement in 2007 and the basic price of supply of bulk nitrogen has risen about 10% since then - which is reasonable. However - AP have added a surcharge of £44 per 1000kg for nitrogen- which is a rip off i think. AP are insisting that its reasonable in view of the price of oil/power/fish/whatevercomestomind.

My question is - are any of you paying surcharges on your nitrogen? and, if so, how much?



John powell

Laser Expertise

Posted: 15-04-2009 16:59 by Bob Morris

Hi John,

We are supplied by 'boc' and have paid an energy surcharge of £0.66 per hcm since 2006, having just renegotiated our supply contract we have not seen any new surcharges applied, we encountered a increase of 4.5% in the gas price since the agreed price in 2006.

Bob Morris

Victor Manufacturing Limited

Posted: 23-04-2009 15:34 by Lpro

We are also supplied by AP. The basic price for nitrogen has risen nearly 37% since 2007, surcharge has gone from £5.10 pt to £44 pt and delivery charge has gone from £65 to £105. Based on 10 tonne delivery this comes out at just undr £200 pt. I have spoken to AP and they have come back with a new offer which will save approx £20 pt - still way too high in the light of reduced energy costs and in order to get this new rate I have to sign another three year contract.

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