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Topic: Job Shop forum / Energy Usage Penalties

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Posted: 30-04-2009 12:32 by Lpro

The following is copied directly from a communication by the Confederation of British Metalforming.

Check it out and beware. Hopefully none of you will be contracted to minimum levels of usage.


"To All CBM Full Members

Dear Member,

We have received a disturbing report that companies not taking their scheduled/contracted amount of energy will be held to account by their energy supplier. One company has already received a demand equivalent to the shortfall!!!!

If, for no reason of your own, you have consumed significantly less that your contracted amount either due to energy efficiency measures, (encouraged by the government) and/or reduced orders your supplier may seek compensation for the difference.

We have spoken to our contacts within Government that this is happening and we are now looking for examples to demonstrate our case before this becomes common practice by energy suppliers."

Posted: 27-05-2009 19:38 by Cirrus

So all those customers that fall below last years turnover levels, we can send them an invoice for the shortfall in turnover...............................

Cake and eat it springs to mind!

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