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Topic: Job Shop forum / Trends in offshore manufacturing

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Posted: 19-06-2009 08:46 by Prolas

I've just received an article from one of the AILU committee; it appeared in the Engineering Technology magazine (July 09) and is called "Counting the Cost". It argues that offshore manufacturing may seem cheaper at first sight but often works out not so attractive when 'Total Landed Cost' is considered.

I'm thinking of summarising the piece in the forthcoming issue of the AILU magazine (if you'd like to see the full piece now, email me at and I'll send you it) and would like to add some comments from job shop members. Do you have any relevant experience/evidence to share: Is manufacturing that was once exported to Asia now returning? Is the weak GB pound having any effect? Is it significantly helping your business?

If you have any comments you'd like to make please add them to the forum and I'll copy and paste into the magazine. However, I must have contributions (large or small) over the next few days, please. I'm hoping to have the magazine ready for printing by the end of next week.

Many thanks

Mike Green

Posted: 19-06-2009 11:23 by Lpro

I keep hearing that work is returning from the far east/eastern Europe because of shipping costs and quality problems. A large JCB job that was taken from one of our customers and re-sourced in India has been brought back and we recommence deliveries in September. Long may it continue.

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