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Topic: Job Shop forum / Steel Prices

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Posted: 16-09-2009 14:44 by Lexpert

Hello everyone
I have been told that Steel prices will be going up by 15% this month and 10% next month. Has anyone else heard the same?

Posted: 16-09-2009 14:48 by Cirrus

Yes, stainless and aluminium as well.

We have been waiting 2 weeks for 3mm CR4 to be delivered from our normal supplier..........

Having survived the recession we now battle with the mills on price and availability



Posted: 16-09-2009 15:36 by Lpro

We have been threatened with price increases but in some cases we have managed to get the stockholders to delay them. We have, on occasion, taken delivery of steel at the end of a month, for use the next month, and persuaded the stockholder to invoice the next month at the old rates.

Supplies are becoming a problem as Dave has already said.


Posted: 16-09-2009 17:02 by midtherm

That's pretty much the same all over by the look of it. Increases and shortages.

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