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Topic: Job Shop forum / Lone Working

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Posted: 08-10-2009 12:42 by Microm1

We have been looking at the problems of lone working recently. 

A combination of reduced workforce, holiday and illness reduced a shift to one.  We have done the risk assesment involving the people concerned and all the issues obvious issues that we have thought of have been addressed. But...

Does anyone have any experience of this and are there any gotchas that I ought to be aware of?


Posted: 08-10-2009 13:04 by Lpro

 We have used lone workers in the past, but that was along time ago and I would never consider it now. The risks are too great - and your neck is on the line. If we really do need to be working and only have one operative available we will find someone to 'babysit'. We have even used an operatives relative in the past and paid them a nominal fee. The alternative is to keep your 'one' operative at home and pay him for doing nothing.

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