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Topic: Job Shop forum / Likely Chinese Scam

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Posted: 01-01-2010 16:27 by Cirrus

The scam runs along the lines of an enquiry from China for delivery over 10 months to a third party destination. It sounds too good to be true, there is no negotiation over price and terms and conditions in fact quotes are accepted immediately and the email address is not linked to a company e.g. *** NOT ***

Eventually you are invited to travel to China to sign the contract and have it notarized in China at a cost of 7000 Euros (currently) apparently the contract can only be paid through the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

I have been invited to China to sign a contract, but I have been talking to the Foreign Office authorities in China because I could smell a rat from the drawings, the method of packaging, the lack of technical knowledge and it was too good to be true!

Go here for a Danish viewpoint


I have also posted on the visitor forum

Dave Connaway

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