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Topic: Job Shop forum / Laser Cutting Leads

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Posted: 08-01-2010 14:51 by gflaser


We are looking to put together a laser cutting leads service where suitable leads could be purchased from us for a fee.
The leads would be placed into different categories that would allow you to choose from material type, batch size etc.
The difference between this and other lead generation services would be as follows:
1.       No monthly subscription fee, only pay if your quote is successful and you accept the work.
2.       Price of lead will be calculated on a sliding scale depending on order value.
3.       Choose the type of lead you require from steel type or batch size.
4.       Receive Pre-qualified leads, not just “tyre kickers” or those looking to price check.
5.       We will deal with all end customer liaison and administration, all you will need to do is supply quality parts at a competitive price.
If you would like to register an initial interest for this service and receive further information as it becomes available please send me your name and company details via email at
Posted: 08-01-2010 15:37 by Subcon Laser

Hello Simon,

I am a little confused on how this is going to work.  As you advertise as a laser job shop are you going to sell the work that is unsuitable for your machines to other laser job shops? Or inform other job shops (for a fee) the name and contact details of a company that sends you work that you cannot produce?

I may be reading it wrong but from your point 5, it would appear that you will deal with the customer and which ever job shop supplies you with the "most competitive quote" will get the business direct from you.  Is that right or wrong?

This however contradicts points 1 & 2 as it would appear the "successful" job shop who obtains the work would pay you a fee, depending on order value.  This then seems to have a short shelf life because you as the "Agent" will only ever have one bite of the cherry, after placing customer with provider.



Posted: 08-01-2010 16:06 by gflaser

Hi Tom

Yes, that could have been worded better. This idea is in the very early stages but the way I see it working is as follows:

1. Lead received by gf laser

2. Lead posted on dedicated secure website

3. Registered users can see lead details but not end customer

4. gf laser receives quotes from interested job-shops with lead times

5. gf laser places business with job-shop minus lead generation fee

I have used similiar services before but they have failed to deliver leads of any quality. Although the other services allow you to deal with the end user they charge a high monthly recurring fee irrespective of how much business you win.



Thanks to those people who have expressed an interest so far, as soon as I have finalised the details I will be in touch.






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