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Topic: Job Shop forum / Bevelled Laser Cutting

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Posted: 08-02-2010 17:14 by

Hi all

We have an enquiry in 15mm Mild Steel that requires a 20 degree chamfer laser cutting on one edge. Please get in touch if you have a laser that can cut chamfers.


Martin Cook

Posted: 08-02-2010 17:19 by Subcon Laser

Hi Martin,

I don't think this is possible as I do not know a 5 axis laser that will cut 15mm.  Mayflower Technologies in Leeds (I think they have a different name now) were advertising the fact that they could do this type of work, however I am unsure if they were also limited on thickness. 



Posted: 08-02-2010 17:23 by

Hi Tom

Thanks for that. We've spoken to Mayflower and unfortunately their minimum order value is too high.



Posted: 08-02-2010 18:36 by Cirrus

Laser Tube Cutting at Dudley Hill Bradford have an Adige Jumbo that puts weld preps on 16mm thick steel tube view the Jumbo here

The latest Flow waterjet machines will put a weld prep on as thick as you like, unfortunately my Flow is not to the newest spec (might soon be!)





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