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Topic: Job Shop forum / Use of laser quality steel for job shop work

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Posted: 12-02-2010 13:03 by Prolas

In response to the recent AILU magazine survey I had the following comment from Steve Adey of Steel & Alloy Processing Ltd, who supply Voestalpine laser quality steel: 

"We are steel suppliers and it would be good to have members views on the steel they use. Without good steel supply many would have no business.  There is a difference between genuine Laser quality and normal decoiled sheet which is called "Laser quality". Most laser cutters buy on price and only use genuine Laser steel if they have to.  In Laser Alform we have had zero complaints for quality."

I would like to include a feature in the March issue of the magazine addressing laser quality steel and in particular to reach a conclusion as to whether or not it is just a matter of a (dare I suggest false!) cost benefit analysis by job shops that they don't use more true laser quality steel. Voestalpine have promised to respond!

On a broader point I am particularly keen to include more in the magazine of interest to laser job shops! So, please feel to send suggestions and offers of material!!

Mike Green


Posted: 12-02-2010 13:19 by Lpro

 We have used so called 'laser quality' steels in the past - and been caught out. We now only use branded (usually Raex) laser steel and the only in thicker section (12-20mm). within this range there is security in knowing that you are going to achieve the required result.

Posted: 12-02-2010 15:26 by midtherm

We buy in a range of materials, but always try for the best quality in 12mm and thicker. We don't tend to buy Rayex because it's just too expensive. We have very little trouble with any of the steel we purchase. We have to be mindfull of the cost at all times as the customer will just not pay for the likes of Rayex or equivelant.

Posted: 12-02-2010 15:55 by Subcon Laser

We find that Raex is by far the best quality steel at the thicker end of machine capability. If we have 15mm to 20mm we always quote Raex and although more expensive we find we gain in less operator setting up time to get the cut right and to obtain an edge finish that does not look like it has been cut with a plasma.

Laserplate can be very hit and miss, I remember trying to cut parts from some Laserplate material (which we had successfully cut on a previous occasion) and we were unable to obtain a decent part from that particular batch of Laserplate, I tried to explain to a very suspicious customer who thought I was fobbing him off with some delaying tactics. No matter what we tried we just could not get the cut right so we sent the part and material to Trumpf who were as unsuccessful as we were. The advice given to us by Trumpf was to always use Raex material at the thicker end of mild steel.

I think we have touched on this subject previously because I also find that if a plate at the thicker end of the scale has been part used, then stored in our material racks for a period of time it never seems to cut the same. Perhaps this is down to the molecular compounds within the material changing due to the initial heat generated when first cut.


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