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Topic: Job Shop forum / Air Products

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Posted: 08-07-2010 14:47 by midtherm

Hi Guys

I've just had another run in with air Products. Now we have our nitrogen generator installed and running (fantastic by the way). We no longer have a need for the bulk storage system. This has been in place for 6 years and we have been paying rental on the system as well as all other cost's.

They have now had the cheek to quote neqrly £10,000 to remove it. I have said that I will find a cheaper quote and let them know when they can collect, but of course they say only they are allowed to dismantle and remove.

Has anybody else had a similar run in with any of the gas suppliers? and what was the outcome?


Posted: 08-07-2010 15:46 by Lpro

 This has led me to read through my contract with AP. There is no reference to any charges at termination except that, technically, they may wish to charge you rent for the termination notice period, which in our case is 12 months. If it were me I would refuse to pay their removal charges and if necessary threaten to cancel the contract altogether. I can't see why you can't dismantle it yourself and get them to collect it. Maybe even threaten to charge them storage whilst you are waiting.

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