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Topic: Job Shop forum / Leveller / Straightener

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Posted: 05-09-2010 19:58 by Cirrus

Yet another quality issue with de-coiled plate that meets BS-EN flatness standards, a customer drawing and PO that does not mention flatness tolerance, but the parts we supplied were not flat! Customer cannot even give an indication of what flatness they need, just not flat enough.

Pyramid or slip rolls are not much use since they are designed for rolling flat plate into round cylinders. Levellers are in wide use in de-coiling machines and tend to be half the size of the Albert Hall and a price tag to suit. Not sure if levellers come in a size to take components, about 400mm wide and upto 4mm stainless plate would be suitable anyone with knowledge of levellers / straighteners? Since this problem is relatively infrequent I would prefer to find a sub-contractor with the right kit. I have put a few enquiries out to machine dealers, perhaps I'm looking for something not made? Help!

Dave Connaway

Posted: 06-09-2010 08:51 by midtherm

Hi Dave


We have the same sort of problems with mild steel and stainless. We tend to use a local rolling company. As you say the rolls they use are designed to roll cylinders etc but they can be used to flattern plate also.


Posted: 08-09-2010 10:51 by Microm1

I seems to me to be very difficult to flatten already cut parts by rolling.

An alternative that a customer of ours uses is to heat flatten.  Parts are stacked on a flat plate, a weight is placed on top and the whole stack is placed in a oven - or usually the oven is placed over the parts - and run up to temp overnight.  It produces flat parts and for high carbon hardened and tempered spring steel does not change the temper much.

I do not know where this could be done subcontract though.


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