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Topic: Job Shop forum / common line?

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Posted: 20-06-2013 15:39 by midtherm

What methods are used for common line cutting and how successful are they? i.e. auto programming or programming groups of parts any comments?

Posted: 10-07-2013 21:10 by uklaserman

Hi there,

This brings back memories of the early 90's when I worked at a rather strange outfit Power Beam Technologies. We got an order that involved quite a lot of rectangles and strips, so we tried common line cutting and it worked quite well. Having said that we did all our programming by hand, we literally had a ride on nozzle that could occasionally shift the plate we were cutting. But we also did one part of the job as common cutting even though we had to repostion the sheet because the part was too long for the stroke of the machine.

With all the technology we saw coming and were envious of, I would have thought it should be quite a viable approach that can save time and be more competititve



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