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Topic: Job Shop forum / Nitrogen Made Better!

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Posted: 27-01-2014 16:14 by

Paying more than 8p per cu. m. for Nitrogen? If so then Erre Due UK Ltd can help you.

Erre Due UK is the exclusive UK re-seller for Erre Due SpA from Italy. They are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Nitrogen & Hydrogen generators with extensive experience in the laser cutting industry supply chain. In fact Dominick Hunter buy purifiers from Erre Due for their larger schemes.

Our latest systems can provide you with purified Nitrogen (with a guaranteed purity of less than 5 p.p.m.) for as little as 7.5p per cu. m. which compares very favorably with bulk prices. Our production price advantage is yielded by our Hydrogen purification technology which we are able to incorporate into our Saturn range of generators. They give us an industry leading air to gas ratio - so you compress less air to produce Nitrogen than with any other PSA system leading to much lower running costs.

Our products are endorsed by Bystronic here in the UK so you need not worry about our provenance. Our systems have been operating successfully here in the UK for more than 8 years so we are a name that you can rely on. I should know because I own a Bystronic laser and an Erre Due Nitrogen generator. That is why I set up Erre Due UK Ltd.

We offer bespoke systems or packaged plants to suit your requirements

You have a Good Deal to Gain by speaking with us so that we can explain how you can save money on your bulk Nitrogen costs. Nobody makes Nitrogen better than Erre Due does.

Take a look at our website or indeed that of our supplier then give us a call. or          0843 289 4939 or 07584 505 906

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