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Topic: Job Shop forum / operator hourly rates

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Posted: 26-03-2014 11:24 by Bob Morris

 Iam currentley looking at setting a night shift on my machine, my enquiry is to the current hourly rates paid to operators on a night shift and what percentage is seen as fair for a shift allowance

many thanks 

Posted: 26-03-2014 11:39 by midtherm

Hi Bob

We currently run two long shifts, we have run three in the past. The third being the night shift.

Standard rate plus 30p per hour for shift two and standard rate plus 60p per hour for shift three nights.

Hope this helps.


Posted: 26-03-2014 11:42 by

 We pay one rate across all shifts (albeit a pretty good one) - we don't pay extra for night shift working




Posted: 26-03-2014 13:16 by Mkerf

We do 4 x 10 hours Monday to Thursday at same rate.  Operators then get long weekend. We do not alternate operators between early and late shift.

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