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Topic: Job Shop forum / EN1090

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Posted: 27-10-2014 16:27 by Malton

 At the October jobshop meeting the discussions around EN1090 left many questions open,  Can anyone with the latest news or experiences please help guide us all. I have a number of  construction customers and wish to meet the standard. 

At the meeting it became apparent that a new white paper was imminent to clarify what was required of laser cutting jobshops that fabricate construction products? 

A possibility was expressed that it may simple be an add on to ISO9001?

Of particular help would be the recommendation of a successful guiding body, like the ISO accreditation guides enabling our companies to prepare and pass. Charles Corner. Malton Laser


Posted: 05-11-2014 11:45 by midtherm

Hi Charles


Sorry for the delay I've been away for a few days.

ISO 1090 can be added on to ISO 9001 and is the best way to go about it. ISO 1090 is for any body producing for the construction industry not just those that are fabricating also.

There should be a list of names and contact numbers available from JS14. Initiative Quality and Safety gave the talk and have all the info. You could call and talk to Mark 0845 1302784.

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