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Topic: Job Shop forum / New Bystronic Machine

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Posted: 31-10-2006 12:21 by
I hear Bystronic are launching a new laser in the next couple of weeks that's supposed to be revolutionary - anyone heard anything about what's so different about it?
Posted: 31-10-2006 12:26 by Microm1
No, I do not know what is revolutionary about it - it can't be that it has a rotary axis. 

But I will try to get to the open house which according to my invitation is 7,8,9 Nov at Leeds and 15,16 Nov in Chard.
Posted: 31-10-2006 12:46 by Hydram
They launched the BYVENTION machine at Blech last Tuesday, and coincidentally several pages and downloadable brochures were added to the Bystronic website.  Cut and paste the following into your browser:

I'll be at the open house in Leeds next Tuesday afternoon to have a look. 
Posted: 31-10-2006 13:15 by
Hi Andrew

Thanks for the link.

So, it's a small, cheap machine for fabricators to cut little brackets - the concept is almost an exact copy of the Profile 600 machine released several years ago.

I'll drop the revolutionary description then!
Posted: 31-10-2006 14:09 by Cirrus
Revolutionary will be when they design a resonator that does not dangle bits of tungsten into the gas!
Posted: 10-11-2006 09:12 by Prolas
I missed the open day at Leeds, and I guess you know all the details now, but I met Dave Belforte at ICALEO last week and he was raving about the new machine - its design concept, the ease of programming, ready to use 24 hours after its delivery, same price anywhere in the world; so much so that (for the first time) he is putting the machine on the front cover of Industrial Laser Solutions magazine. Granted neither he nor I run a laser job shop, but don't be so quick to dismiss it!

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