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Topic: Job Shop forum / Small liquid gas dewars

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Posted: 08-11-2006 17:03 by Microm1
We are currently looking at buying Argon in liquid in a minitank for occasional but intensive cutting. A fixed tank is not warranted (yet?) and pallets expensive and bulky.

Has anyone any experience of these?

In particular can they deliver gas reliably for long periods and can they deliver the flow at reasonable pressures.

Does anyone have favourites between the gas companies?

Posted: 30-11-2006 18:02 by Cirrus
We use a 250 litre mini-tank for liquid oxygen. Pressure in lines around the factory are about 10 bar or less. We only need a maximum of about 5 bars at the cutting head on the Trumpfs, the days of pulsed cut stainless using oxygen are long gone! This is a stainless steel vessel about Ø800mm and about 1400mm high and we rent from Cryoserve. Because the volume is small it is situated inside the factory. Internally it runs at about 10 to 15 bars and we fill about every 4 weeks, the new laser machines with smaller holes in the nozzle tip use less gas than my old machines 5 years ago. Costs have recently shot-up but then so has bottled gas, gas for heating and electricity.
We also run a 3000 litre 30 bar nitrogen tank providing high pressure nitrogen cutting. I can thoroughly recommend Cryoserve, their sales staff and delivery staff are always conscientious, their maintenance and technical staff knowledgable and helpful. Their prices are competitive and we have recently switched from BOC to Air Products for our laser gases (high purity He / N2 / CO2) in bottles and saved about 40% on costs.
Posted: 05-12-2006 10:23 by midtherm
We only keep nitrogen and oxygen in bulk storage. We use Air products and they lease the oxygen to Cryoservice. We have found it better to keep argon in the pallet packs (11 bottles) but it depends on your usage!

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