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Topic: Job Shop forum / minimum order

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Posted: 14-11-2006 14:39 by Farrow
do any of you have minimum order charges if so what are they.
i charge £40.00 but am thinking of uping it cos of all the little
crap jobs i could do with out. am i just being greedy or wat???
your input would be great.
Posted: 14-11-2006 16:50 by Subcon Laser
You have to view each one on merit. You could set your minimum order charge to £100 but what use is that if someone comes in and wants some small parts out of 10mm 316 ST/ST, when the material alone will cost you over £1000.  Alternatively you could wait until you fill what ever material you are cutting with various jobs, however you can bet old Johnny will want his 2 off parts yesterday and cannot wait.  AND then give you grief because you won't deliver.
Posted: 15-11-2006 09:55 by Lexpert
Our minimum order level is over £100 to get rid of all the art students and crap jobs - but we dont apply it to good customers
Posted: 16-11-2006 09:26 by Microm1
We have a minimum order of over £100 to dissuade the time wasters. 

However, this does not apply to regular customers.

We also take a view on initial small batch prices for more professional companies where there should (might?) be some potential.

That said, it will depend on your view of your customers.  How many of them would walk if the min order charge was hiked up?  Would that loss be compensated by an increase in price per job?  How long would it take to replace those lost customers?

My view is that it depends on the industry the customer is in. 

Posted: 21-11-2006 11:11 by caplas
Our minimum order charge is customer and order specific, but I would be hard pushed to reach a level of £40. We charge from £50 upwards.
Posted: 21-11-2006 12:00 by Lpro
We charge £60 plus material (and programming if it is time consuming). For better customers we modify our charge or charge nothing at all.
Posted: 21-11-2006 19:05 by Cirrus
We have a minimum charge of £50 plus programming, like most replies it is just not economic to set-up and cut for less. Even £50 is sometimes too little.
With good customers we charge £50 and then credit £50 when the R&D / folding tests etc are proven and the job turns into a regular order. If the job does not proceed then they are usually happy with the £50 charge.

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