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Topic: Job Shop forum / ZnSe lens / window disposal

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Posted: 01-01-2007 20:23 by Cirrus
When your lenses are of no further use, what method of disposal do you use? Should we as an association source a disposal method for members?
Recently I have been collecting old lenses and resonator windows rather than the old fashioned disposal method of wrapping in a container and tossing in the rubbish bin.
Posted: 03-01-2007 15:15 by Prolas
There is a contamination issue with zinc selenide and its thorium fluoride coating. I've always recommended that, if you do not have appropriate disposal facilities, return the lens to the component supplier in the same packaging that they send new lenses in, typically a sealed plastic bag inside a sealed plastic box. The use of a box avoids any problem of sharp or broken ZnSe pieces penetrating the plastic bag in transit.

If the lens has been broken or laser damaged then the disposable protective gloves worn to collect the pieces together with any cloths used to wipe up fine particles and powder should be returned with the lens, in the same containment.

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