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Topic: Job Shop forum / Happy New Year

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Posted: 01-01-2007 20:24 by Cirrus
Hope you all had a Happy Christmas, back to the hot sweaty laser's again!
Posted: 03-01-2007 15:02 by Prolas
I'm glad to hear you guys break out in a sweat occasionally! For me it's back to the computer and completion of the flyer for the first AILU event - 28 February on laser -assisted metal deposition.
Posted: 03-01-2007 15:14 by Subcon Laser
Christmas, what bloody Christmas. I had an absolute stinker.  Still roll on April when I have my 50th to look forward to (not). Now I don't want you guys going all soft on me and telling me I don't look it!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all for 07.
Posted: 03-01-2007 15:47 by Lpro
Don't worry even if people think you do look fifty. People often tell me I look fifty, mind you, I am fifty nine.
A Happy (and Profitable) New Year to everyone out there.
I look forward to meeting you in 2007


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