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Topic: Job Shop forum / New location issues

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Posted: 03-01-2007 15:16 by caplas
Hello and a happy new year to all. To cut a long story short, we are homeless come the end of February, and we have experienced many problems finding a suitable site with the power requirements we need. Ideally we need 3500 - 4000 sq ft with a 400 amp supply. Most if not all units that are of this size come with 100 amp or lower. Has any member experienced the same problems? And can anyone suggest the services of any company that were able to source units based on power required. We have gone through the usual channels with the energy companies but they are slow and un helpful.
Posted: 03-01-2007 15:36 by Lpro
Have you actually asked what power is available to the building. We had a similar situation once which was resolved bysimply upgrading the fuse box. Although we were old the unit had a 100 amp supply, there was actually 500 available. Just a thought
Posted: 08-01-2007 16:47 by Lexpert
' ideas;
1. Buy a Generator - no kidding this may be the way forward if electricity prices keep soaring.
2. there are many energy consultancy firms who will negotiate the best rates for you - they also have the correct contact details for the folk in your area who control the technical infrastructure - ie the wires and boxes - these people can upgrade the incoming wiring to your building - we had it done to one of ours several years ago. The people who supply the power are just a bunch of useless ****ers who take no responsibility for infrastructure.
Posted: 09-01-2007 09:32 by
Hi Martin

We had to have the input power supply upgraded when we installed the second laser. We used a local electrical contractors to do the internal work, and they dealt with the infrastructure provider for us to get the external work done. We just had to sign a cheque for about £10k!

John Powell has a valid point about the generator - I know of a company that used one when they were quoted something ridiculous to upgrade the power supply (although I believe they had the generator stolen one night, so security is an issue). I also noticed there was a company in the latest AILU electricity survey that used a generator to supplement incoming power.
Posted: 09-01-2007 17:37 by Cirrus
We have been told that upto 400 amps is the limit before a dedicated sub-station is fitted. Therefore your 500 amps in deepest Sussex would need a sub-station in your yard.
We are just capable of running 2xTrumpf lasers (3kW each) 1x1.5kW Electox laser and 1xwaterjet with compressors / linishers / computers / lighting etc from 300 amp supply. We are negotiating a 400 amp supply but am very tempted to look at the on-site generator option, just off now to look on eblag..............

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