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Topic: Job Shop forum / lens cleaning paper

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Posted: 10-01-2007 10:29 by Farrow
were do you buy your lens paper from is there anywere that sells in bulk to get price down.
Posted: 10-01-2007 10:48 by Lexpert
We use Fisherbrand Lens Cleaning Tissue - Code FB13067  95mm x 135mm in packets of 50off Phone Fisher Scientific on 01509 231166
Posted: 10-01-2007 10:55 by Farrow
thats great that john thanks very much
Posted: 10-01-2007 10:57 by Cirrus
1 box 25 packs each pack 25 sheets £46-44 Cat. No. 2105 841 at 2001 prices from The Labsales Co Ltd tel 0845 601 1540, from memory about 100mm x 80mm
Posted: 10-01-2007 11:40 by Microm3
We purchase Whatman lens tissue 100x150 qty 25sheets/pack,these are sold in boxes of 25 for £61/box,£57:95/box if you buy 5.Ref No 2105841
From Camlab on 01954233100
Posted: 29-01-2007 04:49 by
You could try the 100% cotton wipes, similar to the items supplied in a Bystronic optics cleaning kit.

These wipes are approx 2 in diameter and great for cleaning cutting lenses, external mirrors and laser internal mirrors.

Best of all they are relatively inexpensive and can be obtained at your local supermarket. They are sold in Australia by Johnson & Johnson and Dove as make up cleaning wipes. We should be wary of any of our male colleges that seem too familiar with this product. They are usually found in that aisle of the supermarket, the one which all real men are afraid of.

The use of the drop & drag method of optics cleaning is not the method favoured by most optics manufacturers. I have found the use of these soft cotton wipes to give very good results, and is the method we teach for lens/optics cleaning on our machines. For anyone to get a pdf of our cleaning method using these wipes, just drop a line to

It is most important that you ensure they are 100% cotton, so that they do not dissolve with the use of acetone. Also cotton tip (Q tips) used for lens and optics cleaning should be 100% cotton spun onto wooden sticks without glue, these are available from RS Components RS # 558-802

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