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Topic: Job Shop forum / Compassionate Leave

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Posted: 13-02-2007 14:03 by Subcon Laser
Good afternoon all, I would be gratefull if people could give me some indication on what time off they allow their staff in the event of losing a relative.  What stipulates a close relative? Any help on this most touchy of subjects would be appreciated.
Posted: 13-02-2007 14:34 by Farrow
i would let them have till after the funeral then expect them back @ work. you have to let him no you sympathise with him but he is no good to you if he aint there.if he is a good bloke he will be fine with that.
Posted: 13-02-2007 15:30 by Lexpert
For someone who lost his (old) dad we gave them 1 day off plus 1 day for the funeral then a couple of days unpaid leave
Posted: 13-02-2007 15:36 by
Hi Tom

We classify a close relative as a spouse (partner), child, parent, sibling or grandparent (some companies exclude grandparent).

Large organisations tend to allow around 3-4 days compassionate leave, followed by time off as paid / unpaid holiday, if needed.

In real terms, I would probably allow a week as paid compassionate leave, and, if a partner / spouse or child, probably a little longer. I'd then try to arrange a period of flexible working so the employee had time to deal with the inevitable consequences of losing a relative.

Hope this helps

Posted: 13-02-2007 16:00 by Microm1
For Micrometric-
We give 3 days for a close relative; children, siblings, parents, grandparents.  We will allow the person to take those days as three disconnected days - one on the day, one to organise things, one for the funeral. 

It strikes me that, considering the age of our workforce, it is only a matter of time before someone asks for time for a grandchild.  we would probably be sympathetic.
Posted: 13-02-2007 16:18 by Subcon Laser
Thank you Martin F, John, Martin C and Neil for your swift responses. I will respond in greater detail on why I asked the question in due course.

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