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Used 4.5kW ex Mitsubishi for Sale

Available now at £207,000.00

Type: ML3015eX-45CF-R
Date of Manufacture: June 2015 (Installed December 2015)
Running Hours: 4868 Power on / 600 Beam on
Condition: Excellent condition due low beam on hours.
Included: Delivery, offload/site, installation, commissioning, training
Warranty: 12 months


  • Chiller type HYFRA
  • Dust Extractor Type KEMPER
  • Pallet Changer Type MELCO
  • 5"/7.5" lens cartridges


  • 10" lens kit
  • HPPierce
  • Auto Nozzle Changer

Note: Machine will only be available for a very limited period due to demand.

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