22-26 September 2008

BLM Group UK Open House: see the latest-generation ADIGE tube laser in action

  • Sector: Laser Cutting
  • Location: Ampthill, Bedfordshire
  • Attendees: All Welcome

From 22-26 September 2008 BLM Group UK Ltd, the UK’s market-leading supplier of machines and systems for tube cutting, tube manipulation and production sawing, will host an in-house exhibition of its latest tube laser cutting and profiling system.

Visitors to the company’s premises on the Ampthill Business Park in Bedfordshire will see the eighth-generation Adige LT 722D Lasertube in action, and have the opportunity to verify BLM Group’s claim of up to 30 per cent productivity increase compared with the previous model.

Whether the decision is to move on from the traditional multi-machine approach or simply to upgrade, the rewards of single-cycle CNC tube laser processing have been shown to be far-reaching and substantial…and the greater the complexity of the component, the greater the benefits. Prototypes and redesigns, for example, can be completed in minutes rather than days, because it calls for reprogramming rather than producing hard tooling. Cycle time and direct labour savings result, too, whether from consolidating separate production operations into a single, non-contact, process – eliminating cumulative errors and having a positive impact on subsequent welding, assembly and inspection times – or from the ever-increasing speed, flexibility and overall productivity of each succeeding generation of Adige Lasertube.

Demonstrations of the new LT 722D will take place between 10 am and 5 pm on each of the five days, with refreshments available, no ticket necessary and a warm welcome guaranteed. However, for more details or, if possible, to confirm attendance on any one of the five days please contact below.

Contact Information

Name: Paul Lake or Jon Curtis

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