28 October 2008

Light Years Ahead - An Introduction to, and Advances in, New Laser Technology

  • Sector: Laser Cutting
  • Location: Imperial War Museum, Duxford
  • Attendees: All Welcome

In recent years there has been an unprecedented level of development in laser technologies for materials processing, including advancements to laser sources and their use. These developments have increased the beam quality, increased the efficiencies and reduced the size of laser sources. In addition, the number of useful laser sources whose beams can be beneficially delivered through fibre optics has increased.

This event will present the state-of-the-art in this ever progressing field, allowing attendees to make informed decisions regarding their existing and potential laser processing requirements, to minimise cost and maximise performance.

This event will be held at the AirSpace conference centre situated at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford which is an excellent venue and each delegate will be given the opportunity to explore remarkable new £25 million exhibition centre.

For further details or to register for this event please see the 'Make it with Lasers' website:

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