13 November 2008

Learn About ?Total Light Measurement? at Pro-Lite?s 2008 Seminar

  • Sector: Photonics
  • Location: Innovation Centre, University Way, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, MK43 0BT
  • Attendees: All welcome

October 20th 2008: Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has announced that it will be holding its annual Light Measurement Seminar in Birmingham on November 13th 2008. The 2008 event is being held in association with the Photonics Cluster and Aston Science Park and aims to provide a practical insight into how to measure light sources and the optical properties of materials.

The seminar is aimed at scientists and engineers working with LEDs and solid state lighting, lamps, lasers, automotive lighting, displays, signs, luminaires, and imaging systems. The vent will also be of interest to those involved in calibrating remote sensing equipment or evaluating the performance of electronic imaging equipment, such as CCD and CMOS arrays. Spectroscopic techniques reviewed include reflectance, transmittance and absorbance, spectrophotometry, spectroradiometry, Raman spectroscopy, LIBS and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Topics presented include the science of radiometry, photometry, colorimetry and spectroradiometry and the measurement of the optical properties of materials. Also covered will be the selection and use of photometers and colorimeters as well as spectrometer operating principles and their application. The use of integrating spheres in simplifying complex measurements will be reviewed and the power of imaging photometers explored. Goniophotometric techniques will also presented.

The seminar speakers will be Robert Yeo of Pro-Lite and Dr Nick Barnett of Ocean Optics. The event is being organised by Pro-Lite which is a specialist supplier of equipment and services for optical radiation measurement. Pro-Lite is partnered with global equipment leaders, including Labsphere for integrating sphere systems, Radiant Imaging for CCD imaging photometers and near-field goniophotometers, Konica Minolta for photometers and colorimeters and Ocean Optics for spectrometers.

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