23 April 2009

Photonics and Microsystems in High Value Manufacturing

  • Sector: Photonics
  • Location: Postgraduate Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
  • Attendees: All welcome



A 1 day Conference

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As part of the launch of this new Institute, a 1-Day Conference is to be held on 23 April 2009,  This year the Annual Conference, which be held in the new Heriot Watt Postgraduate Centre, will focus on Photonics and Microsystems in High Value Manufacturing.  Outstanding KEYNOTE speakers in these topics have been attracted, as well as presentations on underpinning economics issues and the funding plans of the UK Technology Strategy Board. There is also a series of exciting presentations from new members of Heriot Watt staff in topics – reflecting the expansion in the overall research portfolio in science-based engineering.


09.00 Welcome
         Professor Denis Hall (Heriot Watt University)

09.10 High Value-added Manufacture in the UK Economy
         Professor Anton Muscatelli (Principal and Vice Chancellor, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

09.25 High Value Manufacturing at the UK Technology Strategy Board
         Dr Neil Morgan (High Value Manufacturing Team, Technology Strategy Board, Swindon UK)

09.50 KEYNOTE I Advanced solid state lasers: Status and perspectives
         Prof Andreas Tűnnemann (Fraunhofer Inst for Applied Optics & Precision Engineering, Jena, Germany)


10.50 KEYNOTE II Potential and limits of optical 3D-sensors
         Professor Gerd Hausler (University of Erlangen-Nurenburg, Germany)

11.30 Optical Metrology through Scattering Media for High Value Manufacturing
         Dr Wei Wang (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

11.50 Infrared technologies for manufacturing processes – seeing beyond the visible
         Dr Jonathan Shephard (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

12.10 New optical techniques for diode lasers in manufacturing applications
         Ms Natalia Trela (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

12.30 Poster ‘Trailer’ Session


14.00 KEYNOTE III MEMS – Boom after bust?
         Professor Richard Syms (Department of Electrical Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK)

14.40 Nano-mechanical Sensors for Health and Environmental Monitoring
         Dr W Shu (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)


15.20 Post-CMOS MEMS: Driving the small revolution
         Dr David Flynn (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

15.40 Smart materials based micro-devices for manufacturing and biological applications
         Dr. Richard Fu (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

16.00 Ultra Precision Manufacturing of high added value product
         Dr. Xichun Luo (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)

16.20 END

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Should you require further information or clarification please email David Nisbet

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