27-29 September 2011

MM, MEMS and NANO Live

  • Location: NEC, Birmingham

The MM Live series of events are now recognised as one of the world’s most important exhibitions and conferences for micro manufacturing technologies. Along with co-located shows, MEMS Live UK and NANO Live UK, the three day 2011 event will offer the prospective visitor a one-stop shop for small and ultra precision part technology. If your role involves designing, manufacturing or measuring in the micro, precision and nano environments then MM Live UK along with new feature events MEMS Live UK and NANO Live UK will deliver you a return on your time invested in visiting the event.

MM Live UK boasts a complete range of Micro, Precision and Nano Manufacturing technology exhibits. Couple this with a wide range of supporting exhibitors — and top notch seminar programmes — and you have the ideal forum to learn about everything to do with the mass manufacture of small, micro or nano precision parts. Whether a company can make parts to order or supply the machinery to mill, cut, etch, mould or measure, you will find them within the exhibition hall. Companies from all industrial sectors are embracing the potential these technologies can offer. As consumers demand smaller, lighter and more portable products, this event offers you, the manufacturer, the solutions.

The exclusive focus on Micro, Nano and MEMS Manufacturing technologies gives the events unparalleled status as ‘the place’ to go for learning new technologies and how to adopt them into your business. The events are guaranteed to further your design and manufacturing capabilities. Once armed with the knowledge from the seminars, visit the exhibition, where companies drawn from all over the world will help you reduce size, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

NANO Live and MEMS Live for the Nano Manufacturing and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sectors will take their place in the exhibition hall in 2011 focusing on two very closely linked and emerging technology sectors. They will also enable companies who operate in these markets to locate alongside complementary exhibitors yet define their niche more explicitly — high level seminar programmes will ensure these new technology areas are expertly explained.

MM, MEMS & NANO Live UK are breaking the mould for engineering events, offering a blend of live technical experience coupled with a huge range of FREE live educational seminars.
This powerful combination ensures that the show is an essential part of any engineering and manufacturing organisation’s calendar. Register TODAY at

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