29 May 2012

Fibre lasers: The next generation of sources & components

  • Location: University of Southampton
  • Attendees: All welcome


Fibre lasers have had huge impact in the market place in the last few years rapidly penetrating many areas of precision materials processing in modern manufacturing. The powers available from fibre sources continue to rise, with kW class lasers now common. Simultaneously the benefits of processing materials with high peak power short pulses are becoming increasingly evident.

Neither high powers nor short, high energy, pulses are optical fibre’s natural friends, stretching components, systems and device physics. This seminar will review the latest UK developments in fibre laser sources and their components and progress toward higher powers, and shorter, higher energy, pulses. This will include near term developments and a glimpse into future prospects for Joule level fibre lasers.

This will be combined with discussion of application drives in precision processing and the current and future strategy for developing laser processing in the UK that will leverage the latest fibre sources.

The new High Value Manufacturing Catapult will discuss the potential for laser companies to engage with them to drive industrial exploitation. The significant potential for European funding in the materials processing area in the next 2 years will also be covered.

Extended the capability of fibre lasers is key to maintaining their phenomenal growth rate, enabling many new applications, as well as displacement of traditional laser sources. This event is for business leaders, engineers and applications professionals looking to understand how far and how fast fibre lasers will develop.


The meeting will be held at the University of Southampton Optoelectronics Research Centre Mountbatten Building, Highfield Rd, Southampton SO17 1BJ. Parking for details for delegates will be available upon registration

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