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Lasers in medicine and biophotonics: Gail McConnell

Lasers for single-photon and multi-photon excitation microscopy

G. McConnell

Centre for Biophotonics, SIPBS, University of Strathclyde, 27 Taylor Street, Glasgow G4 0NR, United Kingdom

As the life sciences communities continue to embrace laser scanning microscopy techniques, the growing range of applications places greater demands on laser technology.  The need to visualise cellular and sub-cellular structures within deep tissues and to capture dynamic cellular and intracellular processes has undoubtedly created new research paths in laser source development.  In particular, the ability to control the temporal, spectral and spatial properties of robust, simple to use and (ideally) inexpensive laser sources is crucial for successful and efficient imaging. 

Nonlinear optics offers a potential solution in the creation of novel photonics systems for bio-imaging, providing the ability to tailor pulse durations and precisely control excitation parameters.  I will present an overview of current photonics research at the Centre for Biophotonics aimed towards improving sources for various imaging optical techniques including confocal imaging, multi-photon flash photolysis and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy.  This will incorporate a synopsis of conventional, commercial laser sources available for linear and nonlinear optical microscopy and the improvements in bio-imaging that can be achieved by employing nonlinear optical methods such as pulse compression and white-light supercontinuum generation.


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AILU one-day technology workshop as part of the Industry and Technology Programme at Photon08.

Photonics is an enabling technology for many products in different sectors. Increasingly important in all areas this seminar is designed to highlight developments in laser technology as applied to medical and biophotonics areas. The burgeoning specialism of photonics in the medical sector is addressed in this one-day meeting as part of Photon 08.

Duncan Hand of Heriot-Watt University will be chairing the event.

This is a Medical Group event - for more information about the Medical Special Interest Group or to join contact the AILU Office.


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