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Lasers in medicine and biophotonics: Holger Lubatschowski

Refractive Surgery of the Eye with ultrashort Laser Pulses

Holger Lubatschowski, Laser Zentrum Hannover, Germany

Ultrashort laser pulses have become a promising tool for micromachining and extremely precise ablation of all kinds of materials. Due to the low energy threshold, thermal and mechanical side effects are limited to the micrometer or even sub micrometer range This precision enables the use of ultrashort laser pulses in a broad field of medical applications. Especially, the interaction process based on nonlinear absorption offers the opportunity to process transparent tissue not only on top of a surface but three dimensionally inside the bulk.

This mechanism is used in refractive eye surgery, where fs pulses create flaps into the corneal tissue to remodel the curvature of the eye and to improve visual acuity. Moreover, fs pulses could be used to influence the biomechanics of the crystalline lens of the eye and improve accommodation on eyes who suffer from presbyopia. 

The talk will give an insight into the basic mechanisms on refractive eye surgery as well as a overview in current state of the art of the used laser technology.



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AILU one-day technology workshop as part of the Industry and Technology Programme at Photon08.

Photonics is an enabling technology for many products in different sectors. Increasingly important in all areas this seminar is designed to highlight developments in laser technology as applied to medical and biophotonics areas. The burgeoning specialism of photonics in the medical sector is addressed in this one-day meeting as part of Photon 08.

Duncan Hand of Heriot-Watt University will be chairing the event.

This is a Medical Group event - for more information about the Medical Special Interest Group or to join contact the AILU Office.


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