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Lasers in medicine and biophotonics: John Colles

Dentistry and Light

M. John Colles

Lasers and state of the art LED devices find increasing applications in the treatment and repair of teeth and the surrounding soft tissue in the oral cavity. In this talk whilst illustrating most of these applications I will concentrate principally on the more controversial ‘cosmetic’ process of tooth whitening, the relatively new process of photo-activated disinfection and continuing attempts to provide a really useable optical drill.


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AILU one-day technology workshop as part of the Industry and Technology Programme at Photon08.

Photonics is an enabling technology for many products in different sectors. Increasingly important in all areas this seminar is designed to highlight developments in laser technology as applied to medical and biophotonics areas. The burgeoning specialism of photonics in the medical sector is addressed in this one-day meeting as part of Photon 08.

Duncan Hand of Heriot-Watt University will be chairing the event.

This is a Medical Group event - for more information about the Medical Special Interest Group or to join contact the AILU Office.


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