1 January 2006

domnick hunter helps employers comply with new Breathing Air Standards

domnick hunter is able to offer employers a one stop breathable air solution. A new British Standard, BS EN 529:2005, was recently introduced to provide guidance on the selection, care and maintenance of respiratory protection equipment. It supersedes BS 4275:1997 which was withdrawn at the end of 2005. The new standard highlights important changes in the quality of breathable air from a compressed air source and states that purification stages must be used to remove water droplets and vapour, oil mist, odour and particulate.

domnick hunter offers a comprehensive breathing air range that removes these contaminants through an integrated filtration and desiccant dryer package that ensures the pressure dewpoint of the air is sufficiently low enough to prevent liquid water from forming.

Mark Storey, Product Manager at domnick hunter explains why a desiccant dryer is so important, "A desiccant dryer is essential where catalyst filtration stages are used, and where the lowest possible ambient temperature is not known. Refrigeration dryers can only be used where the lowest possible ambient temperatures are above 3°C, in heated factory spaces and where no catalyst filters are used." Integral filtration within the domnick hunter range removes contaminants outlined in the existing standard including carbon dioxide, lubricants, odours and tastes. Carbon monoxide is either reduced or completely removed depending on the product model selected.

The range, which runs off a compressed air supply, includes portable systems suitable for a single user to full facility protection. In addition, domnick hunter offers full support and guidance on product selection, system design and testing in accordance with BS EN 12021:1998.

Contact: Phil Green
T: + 44 (0) 191 4029000

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