1 January 2006

First UK Showing of Prima's Ultra Fast Syncrono 2D Laser Cutting Machine

Prima Industrie UK Ltd will be demonstrating the company's ultra-fast Syncrono 2D machine for the first time in the UK on Stand 4817 at the MACH International Machine Tool Show - to be held at the NEC between 15th-19th May.

Claimed to be the world's fastest 2D laser cutting machine, the Syncrono achieves a maximum head acceleration of more than 6g, twice that of previous benchmark machines, enabling it to produce over 1000 holes per minute in thin sheet metal applications.

Prima's Syncrono

Syncrono's ability to double the performance of other high speed laser machines is due to a number of key innovative design features. In effect, the new model is two machines in one - a larger unit with a 3000 x 1500 mm processing area, combined with a compact, short stroke, high dynamic head. The result is the best of both worlds; with extremely high cutting rates throughout a large machining envelope.

At the heart of the Syncrono's operation is a series of patented control algorithms that synchronise the parallel kinematics of the head and the main carriages of the machine. These enable the required cutting trajectory to be generated automatically from standard machine G-code, without the need for any operator intervention.

With the ability to increase productivity by as much as 50% on up to 3 mm sheet metal components, Prima's new Syncrono challenges the speeds of many CNC punch presses, while eliminating the need for costly tooling, cutter refurbishment, setting-up and change-over times.

The new machine's dynamically-balanced, low mass head also incorporates further control features to eliminate vibration and maximise machining accuracy. The Syncrono also utilises a high performance Prima CP4000 laser unit and is equipped with interchangeable optics to accommodate a wide variety of material thicknesses. Further features include simple installation and commissioning, constant laser beam length over the complete machining area, fibre-optic linked digital servo drives and intuitive operation using the system's 15 inch flat touch screen interface.

Prima's Syncrono is also offered with optional laser piercing monitoring for optimising the processing of heavy gauge materials, and a number of automatic work handling solutions for maximising production throughput.

Contact: Joe Attuoni
T: +44 (0) 2476 645588

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