1 January 2006

Stove Maker Warms To Automation

A J Wells & Sons has expanded from its original engineering business to become one of Britain's leading makers of wood burning and multi fuel stoves, which it sells under the Charnwood brand. Following this success, the Isle of Wight-based company has also launched its own vitreous enamelling company initially to provide enamelled panels for the stoves but with an eye to future growth. This has paid off and today A J Wells & Sons Vitreous Enamellers is a leading supplier to the architectural market, producing enamelled panels and signage for a multitude of customers including London Underground and Southern Railways.

Alistair Wells oversees production, and as he explains, "Like a lot of other companies we went through plasma, and then high definition plasma, and as specifications became tighter and the competition greater we just had to go into laser."

Since buying its first laser around three years ago business has continued to grow especially on the enamelling side. "By last year we were sending work out for cutting because we couldn't cope with it ourselves and looking for a new laser system," says Alistair.

"We wanted an automated system not so much because we needed it at the time but because of the options it would give us for the future if we had extra unmanned capacity we could use when we wanted. The trouble was that all the automated systems we looked at were huge, and we really didn't have room for them. When we saw the TRUMPF L2510 though we were impressed. What it offered was an automated system in a compact space that will cut sheet up to 2.5 by 1.25 metres."

He was also impressed with TRUMPF's compact TCF 1 diffusion-cooled laser, which consumes minimal amounts of gas from a single bottle and doesn't need an external cooling system.

Contact: Gerry Jones
T: +44 (0) 1582 725335

Trumpf L2510

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