15 June 2006

Advanced Optical Technology launch new web site

Advanced Optical Technology have recently unveiled a new website at

AOT are manufacturers and suppliers of short pulse (nanosecond and picosecond), High Rep-Rate Solid State Laser Systems. The products in the ACE laser range are oscillator and oscillator/amplifier (MOPA) models based on Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YAG operating at 1064nm, with optional harmonic conversion for output in the visible and UV. The lasers provide multi-kilowatt TEMoo pulses in the 1-100kHz range. All models provide very short high intensity pulses, with pulse duration depending on repetition rate and power level. The standard Nd:YVO4 lasers produce 1064nm pulses ranging from ~ 5ns at 100kHz to ~ 1.5ns at 5kHz and below. The Nd:YAG lasers produce 1064nm pulses ranging from ~ 3ns at 10kHz to 1.5ns at 2kHz and below. For those requiring even shorter pulses, Nd:YVO4 laser models (SP and SPX) are available which produce 1064nm pulses down to ~ 500ps.

Contact: Stuart Pearce

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