15 June 2006

CAM System prepared for Next-Generation

SolidCut CAMFlow Director is a significant new core component in what the company claims are the foundation for next-generation PEPS. Initial customer releases of PEPS SolidCut Version 6 are planned for the summer. It includes automated feature-finding, knowledge-based feature machining, machine kinematics, toolpath simulation and CNC code generation.

"Camtek and PEPS have a solid reputation for the supply of quality CAM solutions around the world," said Terry Antrobus, Director of Sales & Marketing. "Our new releases, built upon new developments, will begin to deliver impressive new levels of programming functionality, speed and ease of use, particularly for machining feature-based solid model designs using our all-new knowledge-based engine."

"Part of the benefit of any CAM system is to relieve programming staff of repetitive, standard tasks. The combination of as much programming automation that can possibly be achieved but coupled with a high degree of flexibility and control is important. CAMFlow provides skilled CNC programmers the options to apply automated tasks as necessary, but also to use semi- or fully-interactive options for exact, precise control. Similarly, new or infrequent part programmers can rely on the expertise built into CAMFlow. On top of all our functionality additions we have also created new workspace environments and graphical user interfaces that bring a fresh look and allow for user customization."

The development work necessary to deliver such significant increases in functionality has created the foundation for major enhancements in many application areas. Modular enhancements are now easier to plug in to the base system than ever before.

CAMFlow is centred around interactive and clear flowcharting tools that can be used in key areas of the new CAM system functionality. Best practice/preferred methodology can be configured and stored in the system.

CAMFlow is also used to automatically find machineable features of model data and apply automated pre-configured machining to them. Features can also be defined within SolidCut itself. SolidCut Design integrated component and fixture solid modelling - has also benefited from new user-interface options providing improved and intuitive 3D geometry capability.

The system is used to configure the machine tool components and the kinematics relationships and constraints that exist between them, simulate motion of the machine tool and is particularly designed to support the multi-spindle, multi-axis and synchronisation needs of modern CNC machinery.

SolidCut toolpaths and machining operations can be manually or automatically resequenced and optimised, and can also be edited freely by programmers as necessary.

The critically important step of generating quality CNC code is an aspect also now handled by CAMFlow. Camtek have embedded their considerable wealth of post-processing and CNC code experience into the new systems, resulting in new code option considerations and generating tools.

Early releases will incorporate the processing by CAMFlow Director of all hole types using the SolidCut 3D Surface Milling module.

Brian Warner, Managing Director of Camtek, observed, "I am particularly impressed with the speed in which we have created the new CAMFlow Director mechanisms, associated structures, workspaces and user interfaces. Our first releases delivering CAMFlow - automated feature-based machining of hole sets in conjunction with our powerful 3D Surface Machining product will be followed with new advanced technology applications for Mill, Turn, Wire EDM and Fabrication. I am very excited by the prospect of delivering these solutions to our growing network of sales partners, and to our existing and future customers."

Contact: Martin Bailey

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