15 June 2006

EU Seventh Framework Programme

The EU budget for the term 2007 to 2013 was finally agreed on the 4th of April. The total research budget has gone up by 4 billion euro since the December proposals. This includes a welcome 300 million euro extra for the FP7. However, the final figure for the FP7 budget has not yet been confirmed, although it will include the extra 300 million mentioned above.

FP7 will bring new requirements and rules, with the main emphasis being on making the whole process simpler. To keep up to date and prepare well in advance for FP7 opportunities, visit our FP7 news page within the existing FP6UK website

This new section provides a brief overview of the Seventh Framework Programme and includes links to more detailed information from CORDIS. It also contains an events calendar dedicated to FP7 events, and we hope to include details of national and regional FP7 events, including sector-specific events in the section.

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