15 June 2006

Scanlab product combines intelligence with high laser power

SCANLAB AG has released the intelliWELD 30 FC, a smart and compact 3D-scan system for high power disk or fiber lasers. Designed for robot-assisted welding applications, this 3D-scan system is capable of swiftly positioning the laser beam along 3D contours.

While a robot guides the scan system along a part contour, the intelliWELD 30 FC quickly and accurately moves and fine-positions the laser spot. Complex robotic motions and fast robotic repositioning are thereby avoided, thus reducing positioning times between spot welds to a few milliseconds. The result is substantially enhanced utilization of the laser source.

Despite its 30 mm aperture, the intelliWELD 30 FC occupies a remarkably small volume, making it easily mountable on welding robots, even in difficult-to-access locations. Its optics are optimized for fiber-coupled lasers with powers up to 5 kW.

Spot welds of approximately 600 µm in diameter can be formed within an "elliptical" processing volume of 200 x 240 x 80 mm³ (laser BPP approximately 12 mm/mrad). The dual-pane protective window and the long 0.5 m working distance both serve to protect the scan objective from welding splatter.

The scan system is equipped with a sealed housing and a quick-swap protective window system. Light returning from the work piece is decoupled from the optical path for potential analysis by additional process monitoring equipment.

The intelliWELD 30 FC incorporates SCANLABs fully digital iDRIVE technology, offering an integrated approach to laser and process safety. It allows real time monitoring of all important scan head and protective window status parameters. This facilitates detection of process miss-queues and enables advanced remote-diagnostics. A software-independent interlock signal, indicating abnormal operational states, can be used to switch the system to a predefined state or trigger an automatic emergency stop.

Contact: Viola Schulze

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