15 June 2006

Spectra-Physics Announces a New Tsunami® Ultrafast Oscillator with the Industry’s Widest Tuning Range

Spectra-Physics has launched the Tsunami® HP. With the industry’s widest tuning range of 700 to 1080 nm, the new state-of-the-art ultrafast oscillator delivers tremendous flexibility and extends further into the infrared wavelength region than any other commercial mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser.

The Tsunami HP delivers pulse durations below 100 fs, and when combined with Spectra-Physics Millennia® Pro 15 as pump laser, it produces more than 3 W of average power and more than 450 kW of peak power at 800 nm. It can also be combined with Spectra-Physics harmonic generators and the automated optical parametric oscillator Opal® to deliver a virtually gap-free wavelength tuning range from 210 to 2250 nm. The powerful combination of the wide tuning range, output power and high peak power make the Tsunami HP an excellent choice for applications such as biological imaging, tissue ablation, ultrafast spectroscopy, and non-linear optics.

"The Tsunami family has remained the first choice for ultrafast applications since it was first introduced in 1991 and our new Tsunami HP will enable advancements in all areas of research that use ultrafast oscillators," said Victor David, Product Manager for Spectra-Physics. "It is an attractive product for our multiphoton imaging customers because it offers more wavelengths and enables researchers to use a wider selection of dyes when studying biological samples. For researchers in ultrafast spectroscopy and non-linear optics, the Tsunami HP’s combination of higher peak power and wider tuning range will enable advances in experimental results."

Contact: Jon Richardson

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